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They were the result of those who had the ability to do something, yet did not even bother to raise the finger.

MAX LERNER. Asia. It’s true that history is enjoyable to a significant degree because it allows us to judge the past. With the most powerful economies on the planet and billions of residents, Asian countries can’t be left out. DOUGLAS HURRD. These courses will assist you to discover more about them and aid you in becoming more knowledgeable about their culture and politics.

Ideas are the basis of the past. East Asia in the World Learn more about this course to understand the relationships of the East Asian states (Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam) with the rest of the world and with each with each. [MIT» Japan during the Age of the Samurai: History and Film: Here you’ll be able to learn more details about Japan through the 12th century to the 19th centuries , as well as the numerous films that employ samurai history as a theme. [MIT] Smacking down in the Iron Rice Bowl: Chinese East Asia The fascinating course will enable students understand the daily lives of Chinese people who were living through the dramatic changes that occurred in both the 19th and 20th century. [MIT» The Making of Modern South Asia This course offers an examination of Indian history and culture beginning in 2500 BC up to the present. [MIT] Women of South Asia from 1800 to Present: Find out more about the stories of women from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka throughout history. [MITThe Silk Road up to the Great Game: China, Russia, in addition to Central Eurasia : In this course you will discover the interaction all over the Eurasian continent among Russians, Chinese, Mongolian nomads, in addition to Turkic oasis dwellers in the last 1500 years. [MIT] An Passage to India: Introduction to Modern Indian Culture and Society using novels and short stories the course aims to give students a greater knowledge of the genesis of contemporary Indian culture, from the development in the caste system until the consequences of globalization. [MIT] East Asian Cultures: From Zen to Pop This course will focus on the contemporary and historical culture from East Asia, including performance manga, cuisine, and much more. [MITThe course International Relations of East Asia Discover the consequences of nuclear firepower as well as large-scale economies that are the major players in East Asian’s relations with the world by taking this course. [MITThe course is Japanese Politics and Society: In this course, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of Japanese the history, culture and politics as well as economy. [MIT» Government and Politics of China by books and other resources This course will assist students to gain a greater comprehension of modern China and its political system, both in the past and also in the present. [MIT] JOHN MAYNARD Keynes. The Middle East.

A lot of the most horrific crimes of history were triggered not by hate however, but more because of indifference. Due to its part in recent conflicts as well as its role in the oil industry, many people are stuck with assumptions concerning this region of the Middle East. They were the result of those who had the ability to do something, yet did not even bother buy to raise the finger. These courses can assist you in learning about the region in greater depth, and improve your understanding of its culture and history.

YUVAL NOAH HARI. Islam is a major factor in The Middle East, and the West This is where you’ll have a comprehensive overview of the main events of the advent of Islam until the present along with lectures on interactions between and interactions with the Middle East and the West. [MIT] A look at the Middle East in 20th Century If you’re trying to learn more about this region comprising Egypt, Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and the Fertile Crescent and the Fertile Crescent, this course will provide an amazing background from the time of the Ottoman Empire through the terrorist attacks of 9/11. [MIT» » Jewish History from Biblical to Modern Times: From the beginnings of Judaism up to the present You’ll discover a myriad of areas of Jewish history through this course. [MIT» Anthropology of the Middle East This course you’ll be exposed to the most traditional cultural practices that take place in the Middle East as well as the cultural and historical aspects of the Orient as well as religion, politics and much more. [MIT"The Middle East" Islamic Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Religion, Cultural and Historical Perspectives From across the Middle East to North Africa The course will focus on the development and spread of Islam and its effect on both the past and current the world of culture, politics and society. [Notre Dame] Course on Political Science and Conflict in the Middle East The seminar offers an in-depth analysis of the changing nature of power and political systems that are in place across the Middle East. [MIT"" Women in Islamic Societies: This course will focus on the gender roles of women in the past in Islamic societies, as and what position they are currently in. [Notre Dame]