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FAQs Gramin, Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation

Rs.12,000 is an incentive amount to motivate households to construct toilets and use them. This amount is sufficient for construction of a twin pit toilet in rural areas. Moreover, this is not the reimbursement of the cost of toilet which may be higher as well. If any additional requirement is there, it may be borne by the beneficiary. Under SBM-G Phase II, block and district level interventions have also been introduced for certain activities related to SLWM. No, there is no restriction on withdrawal in Rupees of funds held in an EEFC account.

Besides, the activities allowed under SBM-G, 15th FC grants for sanitation activities can also be used for other SLWM activities, O & M of community assets etc. The States and Districts have been advised to make institutional arrangements with adequate human resources and skill sets at State, district and village level to support rollout of SBM Phase II interventions. The State/UTs will be allowed to utilize up to 3% of programme funds for IEC and CB activities as per State and District plan. Emphasis will be given on capacity strengthening and knowledge sharing at all levels. Further, under the earlier norms, all the GPs having more than 500 Households could get a maximum upto Rs.20 lakh only for all the components of SBM.

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States/UTs may conduct periodical evaluation studies on the implementation of Phase II of SBM . These evaluations could be used for course correction and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme. Evaluation studies may be conducted through reputed institutions and organizations hardware development process and lifecycle decided by the State and copies of the reports should be furnished to the Government of India. Remedial action should be taken by the States/UTs on the basis of these evaluation studies. The cost of such studies can be charged to the Administrative Charges component of SBM.

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This flow of electricity is called an electrical current and is measured in terms of amperes . Electrical wattage is a harder concept to visualise because it is, essentially, a measure of how fast electricity is being used – more correctly the “rate of use of electrical energy”. For example, a 2,000 W electrical heater would use electrical energy twice as fast as a 1,000 W heater. For convenience, the term kilowatt is often used instead of 1,000 watts. The wattage of the new 1,000 W electrical heater mentioned above therefore could be identified as 1 kW. Time of the Day tariff is a provision wherein a consumer is charged for the energy recorded by the meter at differential rates, during different time slots of the day, as notified by DERC.

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Operation and Maintenance of the assets created under the programme will be financed and managed by community/GP/district. V) Payment in foreign exchange to a person resident in India for supply of goods/services including payments for airfare and hotel expenditure. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. And those transactions are picked when higher fee transactions are not available in the unconfirmed pool.

Labour cost of construction of compost pits, storage of solid waste, soak pits and greywater systems which is estimated to be 40% of the total cost will be borne through convergence with MGNREGS. Such CMSC shall consist of an appropriate number of toilet seats, bathing cubicles, washing platforms, wash basins, etc. The GP will decide upon a suitable location for construction of CMSC that is easily accessible to all, having adequate water supply and where long-term O&M is ensured.

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Because of this, kiwis are effective for immune support, blood pressure regulation and they can even help diseases such as asthma and macular degeneration. Kiwis have a low GI, meaning the sugar contained in the fruit is released more slowly. Because of this, kiwis can also help regulate blood sugar 6 Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Software Development levels, reducing uneven blood sugar spikes. Foods high in dietary fiber promote weight loss by increasing the feeling of being full and supporting the digestive tract. One of the objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission is bringing about an improvement in the general quality of life in rural areas.

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Both of these types of fiber help digestive system health and prevent overeating when on a diet. High amounts of vitamin C can also curb inflammation by fighting against free radicals that can cause an inflammatory response in the body. Since Kiwis have a high concentration of vitamin C, it can promote the healing of inflammation when consumed regularly. Kiwis also contain a good amount of copper, which is an essential nutrient that supports the nervous system and therefore supports the healthy functioning of the eyes. A healthy nervous system can have positive effects on your retina, which contains the highest concentration of nerves and is essentially the center of communication of the eye. These two compounds perform the same function as antioxidants and help to form vitamin A, an essential nutrient for your eyes.

This objective cannot be met if the general cleanliness of villages is not maintained properly. Effective management of SLWM includes management of biodegradable and non biodegradable waste, management of all grey water generated in the village and general cleanliness of the village. The SBM is being implemented in the districts of the States/UTs with support from the GOI and the respective State/UT Governments.. In case, Zila Panchayat is not functional, District Water and Sanitation Mission can implement the SBM.

1)To accept an amount of Rs.33.00 Lakh or more as donation towards expenditure for one day complete distribution of Annaprasadams such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from the Individuals / Companies / Firms / Trusts / Joint Donors etc. The privileges will be extended on par with the Rs.10 Lakh to below Rs.1 Crore donor. Every day 10,000 Litters of Milk is being procured and serving in V.Q.C.-I & II for waiting pilgrim in compartments and also in Divya Darshan Complex, Sarvadarsan Complex, Rs.300/- Special Entry Complex, Kalyana Katha Complex Tirumala. This trust is being run with the donations received from Devotees / Donors from all over the world.

  • Sanitation is a behavioural issue and its social acceptance and internalization is crucial for its sustainability.
  • The system has been upgraded with a facility to upload the names and card number for beneficiaries for authentication of data.
  • Downloading of the parameters using electronic gadgets which are attached to the meter without manual intervention is called Automatic Meter Reading system.

Monitoring of outputs will also be done for administrative purposes such as monitoring of expenditure and assets created. The Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation has developed an online monitoring system for SBM . Village level data with respect to ODF sustainability and status of Solid and Liquid Waste Management shall be provided on the MIS by Districts and States. States shall be permitted to update the status, if needed, with the concurrence of DDWS.

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Information, Education and Communication is an extremely important component of Swachh Bharat Mission that lays the basis for successful implementation of the programme. It serves as a platform for informing, educating and persuading people to realize their roles, responsibilities and benefits accruing from investing in right sanitation practices. IEC play a very critical role in bringing behavior change on various aspects of safe sanitation, creating effective demand, usage and links to health and hygiene. The role of IEC in Demand generation for sanitary facilities is well recognized. The Sanitation programme for its success and sustainability requires empowered, well aware and skilled stakeholders capable of planning, implementation, operation, maintenance and management of sanitation schemes. The focus of Swachh Bharat Mission is on behaviour change of people to adopt safe sanitation and hygiene.

The NGOs can also be involved in O & M of the community assets created under the programme through various revenue generation models. The new norms have been provided on per capita basis except for plastic waste management unit and GOBAR-dhan; and separate norms for different activities of SLWM have now xcritical been specified. Higher rates have been prescribed for larger GPs to enable them to construct WSPs, etc for greywater management. The cost of drainage channels will be met by the GPs from 15th Finance Commission grants or through convergence with MGNREGS or other schemes of State or Central Governments.

Kiwis also contain reasonable amounts of folate, potassium and dietary fiber. World Bank project of Rs. 9000 crore has been approved for incentivizing the States on the basis of their independently verified progress and sustenance of sanitation. An Expert Committee headed by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar to examine the Innovative Technologies has been formed. This committee has enlisted various innovative technologies and a Compendium consisting of such technologies has been published and uploaded in the website of the Ministry for benefits of various stakeholders. World Hand Washing Day – World Hand Washing Day was celebrated on 15th October, 2014 and 2015.