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Tutors and masters: understand who are our educators

They create, monitor and evaluate all projects


If Lumiar proposes an Active Methodology, it does not make sense to have a teacher who holds the knowledge and transmits it in a magical way. At our school, educators responsible for working directly with students are called tutors and masters. Together, they act in the creation, monitoring and evaluation of different projects that will be developed by groups.  



It is the responsibility of tutors (pedagogues or graduates) to map students’ interests and learning needs and ensure that the two points are covered in the projects. The masters are professionals from different areas who assist the tutors in the development of projects and workshops.

It is the work of the tutor that enables the deepening and continuity of  learning – this educator manages the projects and other activities that will be carried out by the group. Masters are passionate professionals with specific knowledge about some subject and they want to share it with students. Many of them are entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, chefs etc.

In a traditional school, the child has contact with teachers, even if the curricular matrix contemplates various disciplines and educators. In Lumiar Methodology, the joint tutor / master work allows the contact with a diversity of different talents. The abilities of a physician are distinct from those of a biology teacher. It is a possibility of references that oxygenates and inspires.  


Integrated work: tutor and master

In this first half of 2019, for example, the Fundamental 3 class chose the pounds study. Every week, they meet Margareth for the learning of what is the second official language of Brazil. Fundamental 2 students are exploring the neighborhood of Bixiga, near the school. During this period, guided by the tutor Mariana and the teacher Gabriela, they walked through the area and researched the architecture, history and socioeconomic changes of the emblematic region of the city. They could absorb, in an integrated and contextualized way, knowledges of history, geography, mathematics and literature.

In short:

Tutor (certified education professional)


  • Development of each group cycle.
  • Development of each student in all relevant aspects: physical, social, emotional, moral and intellectual.
  • Help students identify, validate and broaden their interests, as well as learn to understand the needs of their own development.



  • Professionals from different areas, passionate about their study and work themes and open to sharing their knowledge.
  • They do not need to be graduated in any area, they only need knowledge, passion and availability to work in the school environment in partnership with the tutor.