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Our commitment is to provide an environment in which students can build autonomy to act in a reflexive, authoritative and conscious way, both now and in the future. We believe that each student has his or her own trajectory and, therefore, we work with a curriculum based on skills and abilities.

This avant-garde proposal is made possible through our main methodological tool: the Mosaic Curriculum. Curricular contents, including those predicted by the BNCC, are developed in a way that validates the interests and needs of each student.

Our curriculum contemplates traditional areas (such as mathematics, science and English), but also highly relevant ones in the 21st century (such as robotics, film art, and codes). The whole process is led by our tutors and teachers, who are responsible for working directly with students in the development of projects, workshops and individual researches.

More than breaking traditional standards and modernizing education, Lumiar brings the student closer to himself and to the real world.

Lumiar Differentials

In our school, we have a view of Serra da Mantiqueira. It is at the foot of the mountains that our children develop their skills and competences. The extensive lawn is an invitation to jokes and also serves as a “classroom” to enjoy the fresh air and sun on the freshest days. The surroundings of the school are also places of exploration. Not rarely, we visit the waterfalls and the trails of the neighborhood and we make of the surroundings also a space of learning.

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“Lumiar is a very special school: as a parent and participant in the school community, I perceive the zeal with which the pedagogical team deals with everyday demands and the chance to put into practice human values ​​so important for the times that we live and that will come: autonomy, dialogue and sense of collectivity. Students are experiencing new paradigms inspired by horizontality, respect and freedom, and the pedagogical proposal of projects renews the learning process with opportunities to meet different personalities and content shared by those who are passionate about the chosen themes”

Daniel Elohim's father

“Lumiar has an existential value for my family. The teaching methods are effective and the experiences, always based on love, respect and ethics, transform values ​​and teach in a permanent way. My children love it, it is like an extension of home. Dedication, love, commitment and competence are qualities of everyone who works at school. The maturity level of awareness and understanding of the students is really impressive. I am always grateful for the way of welcoming of this community and I am sure that everything my children bring to school is relevant because it is positive”

Leila mother of Gaia and Caleo

“Francisco is a very happy, questioning, curious child who cares about others. I am absolutely sure this is a result of everything he experiences at school. We reinforce this at home, of course, but most of the time he stays at school. Therefore, my heart is calm about everything that he learns. Besides, he loves going to school. When he is on vacation, he is sad because he does not have classes. Knowing this really fulfills the heart of a mother”

Cristiane Francisco's mother


    • Elementary 1: 1st, 2nd and 3nd grade
    • Elementary 2: 4th, 5th and 6th grade
    • Elementary 3: 7th, 8th and 9th grade


    • 10am to 6pm
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