Crypto Trading Signals: How to get a head start in trading your cryptocurrencies?

The last thing you want is copying someone that doesn’t know what he/she doing. There are indicators, news, experts who tell you the next big move on the market. Trading signals are one tool that helps you through the jungle of crypto investing. There are mainly two types of signals; one is the short term which is for leveraged positions, and the other for a more extended period which is for the spot.

Definition of crypto trading signals

Most of the crypto signals telegram channels come with a trading bot to automate your trading experience. You can customize these bots in Telegram by connecting them to your trading platform using API keys. Henceforth, you can follow a signal with just a single click on follow button in the signals channel.

Crypto Trading Signal: Action – Buy/Sell

The accuracy of the signals provided by Bob’s Crypto Trade is allegedly very high, standing at an impressive 87%. ✅ Users are taught when to enter a trade for profit maximization. Users also learn appropriate points to exit a trade if need be. ✅ Customers learn how to manage risks and properly use stop losses.

  • The cryptocurrency trade signal can even contain some risk management as well.
  • Keep in mind that these returns are just on the amount of crypto Haru Invest account holders have.
  • Then separating the API key and the Secret key with a comma sends them in the bot chat.
  • A good provider can switch tactics and work with changing market conditions, but many struggle to keep up.
  • All exchanges enable cryptocurrency trading; however, centralized exchanges may require selling one token and buying another, which incur higher fees.

In essence, it works similarly to crypto trading bots as trades are automatically opened, after being generated by someone else than the trader himself. Cryptocurrency signals are a guide, so traders don’t go in haphazardly. The amount of profit a user can earn depends on the crypto signal service provider and their signals’ accuracy. CQS premium silver gives users access to less content but still allows access to short and mid-term signals and integration with trading bots. This platform is another top crypto signal provider based in India.

The main division between crypto signals is free versus paid ones. Some providers provide the free version with the upgrade available for a fee. It’s up to everyone to do his own research and decide for yourself if this is a good or a bad idea. However, you have to keep in mind that reliable cryptocurrency trading signals are very hard to find. All signals should come with a take profit and stop loss order that offers you a decent risk to reward ratio. By using take profits and stop-loss orders you’re going to be able to leave the trade work for you without monitoring it all the time.


Some signal providers rely on automated systems to post what trades they’re taking or use an algorithm to recommend trades to assist with this issue. They may choose to upgrade to the premium package, which offers access to confidential reports and small crypto trading bots at $149 and $199, respectively. Before we go into details, let’s have a quick look at 3 best options when it comes to best crypto trading signals groups.

Definition of crypto trading signals

The professional traders post trades of coin they are sure of performing well; however, you can always skip a signal and follow your strategy. Hopefully, now you’re optimistic about trade signals being a little step towards the times when bots will be able to make decisions for us. The bot will start the trade once the signal is received from the indicator of your choosing. With TradeSanta not only you automate the trading process, but also let the technical analysis make the most important decisions for you.

Basics of Crypto Trading

The first element of a typical trade signal would indicate the action you need to take. If you’re trading cryptocurrencies, there are only two types of action you can take, either to buy or to sell. They can be quite profitable and free up time from doing research yourself. Signals can also be used as an opportunity to learn from experienced traders by analyzing their signals. Momentum signals are meant to exploit herd behavior in markets. Herd behavior is endemic in finance, so momentum strategies apply in crypto as well as in the stock market.

The essence of the signals provider is their provision of valuable trading data to their members. The information that they provide can help users manage their assets. The market analyst does his research and mathematically calculates the possible market prices. Most of the signal providers offer a monthly plan, so you can also try their service for a month.

If you want to be an independent crypto trader and find real success, you need to learn the art of crypto trading and not rely on others. There is a lot more to trading than simply buying and selling, especially with cryptocurrencies. Knowing when to buy and sell a cryptocurrency is key to making a profit out of your trades.

Best Telegram-based Crypto Signals

These signals usually include the critical information needed to take the trade, like the instrument, entry price, and where to exit. In a young and relatively inexperienced trading market, many traders rely on crypto trading bots and signal providers to feed them suggestions and trade ideas. On the other hand, those with more market-related experience will use their own resources and any of the three available types of market analysis to generate signals themselves.

Scalpers often make dozens or even hundreds of trades daily, rarely staying in trades for more than a few minutes, with some trades lasting just a few seconds. The ultimate goal of any tool or analysis is to generate a signal is to provide investors with an informed suggestion – whether it is to buy or sell crypto. All signals should have a precise entry, take profit and stop loss levels.

Usually, they are available through specialized providers that are tied to one or more crypto exchanges. To get a better sense of how this works, take a look at the 3Commas dedicated page on crypto signals. Long-term viability also depends on the quality of the signal provider. Some strategies might work for a while, then become unprofitable once market conditions change. A good provider can switch tactics and work with changing market conditions, but many struggle to keep up. This can lead to poor signals and wasted money, so it’s essential to know how to identify the best crypto scalping signals.

Definition of crypto trading signals

It might take years before you learn things and calculate market movements successfully. As a beginner in trading, it is nearly impossible to learn everything on your own. The signal information includes an entry level, SELL / BUY directions, stop-losses, and take-profit targets. Using a predetermined SL is a great way to minimize losses related to unfavorable changes in the crypto price. Obviously, if there was a SELL shown instead of a BUY, you would have to hit the sell button.

Proshares Bitcoin Strategy (BITO) ETF (Guide)

Crypto signals are generated by experienced human traders or by trading algorithms, and are based on a technical analysis of market movements. A chart tracks the movement of the market (e.g., the crypto quality signals changes in the exchange rate of a cryptocurrency pair). The most common chart format is the so-called candlestick chart, which conveniently summarizes the entry and exit points for trades.

Fat Pig Signals Review

However, you always have an option not to follow these signals. You should also do your research before investing in cryptocurrency. Most of the crypto trading signals provide you with buying price range and selling prices to take profits. They won’t serve you the signals on a plate, but if you follow them closely, you can definitely find out what coins they like and when is the best entry point. There are also companies in the niche that offer specific bots to act on signal providers of your choice. Those signal providers are basically groups of crypto traders who sell their trading experience.

What are crypto signals trading bots?

Learning to cryptocurrency trading is not an easy task and something that you can do overnight, and that’s where a crypto signal provider comes to the rescue. Don’t forget to check out the guide on Cryptocurrency day trading. In our example above, the trade signal was issued for Bitcoin. Of course, that trade signals can be issued for Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or any altcoins that the crypto signal service provider finds right to send. A cryptocurrency trader must know how to choose the coin that is going to be most beneficial concerning profits. This article is going to be an important guide for those who are interested in venture into this fruitful market known ascrypto signals.

For the HIRN crypto free option, users receive one signal daily, sent from the paid channel. The only trading position available for this subscription is long. To allow them to detect users that take the service provider’s signal and post them elsewhere, Signal Blue provides its signals on dedicated Telegram channels. ✅ The information provided by the crypto signals provider are more exclusive and in-depth than the information one would find on the internet.

Keep in mind that these returns are just on the amount of crypto Haru Invest account holders have. Either way, always research the company/trader that gives them to make sure they are trustworthy. We write product reviews and comparison articles in the field of cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency trading signals are communicated immediately so that you can consider advantage of them. HIRN crypto is run by a team of experienced and professional traders that share crypto trading signals on a couple of platforms, most notably on The signals sent are fully automated and are generated by the most advanced algorithm analysis and patterns. They also use AI for better and more accurate predictions to ensure their users make maximum profit. The signals are continuously optimized based on the changing market conditions to earn their users more profit with less risk.