6 short virtual icebreakers designed to keep teams engaged

Otherwise, you’re running the risk of lengthening this warm-up session and, consequently, the meeting. If you allow the warm-up part to get out of your hands, you won’t be able icebreakers for virtual meetings to follow your meeting schedule, which might interrupt your daily activities. By creating a Learn account, you’re agreeing to accept The Predictive Index Terms of Service.

  • It can be fun to remember where you started, and you may find that colleagues have worked together in the past and never knew it.
  • It’s also very easy to break people into groups if you aren’t planning on spending minutes doing an ice breaker.
  • Spending time outside of work together can work wonders when building togetherness.
  • Set a time for you and your colleagues to meet after work and enjoy a drink together (it doesn’t have to be alcoholic).
  • We feel shy, anxious, and self-conscious when we meet new people for the first time in person.

Have your remote team grab their pets or show a picture of them. There will be loads to talk about and people can really get to know each other with a deep personal connection, as opposed to just on a surface, more corporate level. As the name suggests, team members will state two truths and one lie about themselves. The other members of the team must then guess which is the lie. Sign up for a demo to see why Weveis the best way to energize and engage your team. Regardless of the part of the world we live in, our favorite sports and movies, or our hobbies, all of us have something in common — we need food and water.

#7. Rank your favorites

Everyone must submit three facts about themselves, consisting of two truths and one lie. A well-thought-out virtual meeting icebreaker can be fun and make the team feel connected.

  • Ask each participant to write down three statements about themselves on three sticky notes.
  • Without a good way to break the ice and get everyone talking, the sound of crickets can become very evident.
  • Get each member of staff to send the organiser a baby photo of themselves.
  • These should be a mix of fun, random, and difficult questions.
  • Do you want to get to know your team on a more personal note?

They can chat on your team channel, then submit answers on the board. Keep a weekly tally and award prizes at the end of the month or year. How about a quick bit of trivia to get those neurons firing before your meeting? A live quiz is possibly the best way to get all of your participants engaged and laughing in a way that the 40th Zoom meeting this month simply can’t on its own. With this, you can pose the question, then choose whether or not to have participants reveal their names and choose an avatar.

#35. Group storytelling

Ask each person to write a newspaper or magazine headline for the company in 10 years. Give everyone time to work independently and have time for sharing with the larger group.

  • And research has shown that one of the key drivers behind this trend is often a diminished sense of community.
  • If the players are unfamiliar with the animal’s sounds, then they may use gestures to describe the animals.
  • For example, Sue could start and say, “Yesterday,” and then Tom would continue with “I,” and then Amy would say, “went,” and so forth.
  • Alternatively, participants may make up their own questions or use a generator to create prompts.
  • Boost employee public speaking skills with this classic communication game.